About Edipsos

Edipsos is located in the northern part of Evia and it is worldwide known for its exceptional springs of healing water.  Edipsos constitutes one of the most famous health resorts that attract thousands of visitors mainly during the summer months. It is located 190 km away from Athens (via Chalkida΄s town) and 581 km away from Thessaloniki, while there is a connection through short sea lines through Arkitsa΄s to Edipsos Port and from Glyfas to Agiokampos port.

The water that sparkles from the springs throughout the city is very rich in minerals and salts, such as sulfur and radium, and is recognized in Greece as the best healing water of the country. Of course apart from the healing springs, Edipsos is characterized as a perfect example of beauty and calmness. Its rich vegetation along with the golden beaches and the deep blue of the sea compose an ideal destination for holidays and relaxation.

Edipsos beach with springs of healing water