General terms and conditions

1 Introduction

These terms and conditions apply to all online bookings and short-term contracts that will be made between the apartment rental company Bougali Fotou Konstantina under the distinctive name Anemolia Studios (TIN 0419133K31001.T1E and with Special operating signal M address Frynis 14, Loutra Edipsou, hereinafter referred to as “the Company” and third parties hereinafter referred to as “the visitors”, and for any other service that the Company may offer. Any offer from the Company may be modified at any time and is not binding on the company. The Company has the right to refuse to enter into a contract for the provision of short-term accommodation services with any visitor at its own discretion.

2. Reservations / resale

Reservations can only be made electronically through the Company’s online channels or through third parties (eg online channels for the promotion of short-term rental accommodation-bookingportals). The Company may also accept reservations by telephone, e-mail and other non-automated means at its discretion.

When making a reservation, the visitors of the Company automatically enter into a short-term lease agreement with the Company. In case of availability, visitors receive a reservation code. The above bilateral agreement is binding on both parties. The company is not obliged to provide visitors with a specific apartment. The Company reserves the right to rent the already reserved rooms in third parties in case of expiration or cancellation of an existing reservation. Visitors will receive a unique booking number from the company, and possibly but not necessarily a written booking confirmation. Visitors are prohibited from reselling or renting apartments to third parties. Apart from the short-term stay of the visitors, any other use of the Company’s apartments is prohibited.

3. Detention

To make a reservation, the visitor is required to enter the details of a valid credit card or to choose one of the other available payment methods. The total amount of the reservation must be paid before the arrival of the visitor.

4. Registration forms and use of personal data

Visitors are required to provide their personal information in advance, as well as any additional personal information through the Company’s electronic registration gateway.

5. Taxes, fees and duties

The applicable prices correspond to the total price of each apartment and include all legal taxes, fees and duties. In the event of a change in tax rates, fees and duties, the Company reserves the right to adjust the prices of the apartments at any time.

6. Use of apartments after detention

The available apartments are available to the visitor from 14:00 pm. on the day of arrival until 12:00 p.m. on the day of departure. On the day of departure, guests must return their apartment to the Company by 12:00 pm, neatly and without any damage. If guests do not return the apartment on the day of departure until 12:00 p.m. and in good condition, the Company has the right to claim compensation. In addition, if the Visitors return their apartment late or in poor condition, the Company’s staff reserves the right to enter the apartment without the permission of the visitors and to remove from the apartment or withhold any items belonging to the visitors who refuse to leave. the apartment. The Company does not bear any responsibility for the above items.

7. Use of common areas

Guests can freely use all the common areas of the unit at no extra cost. The Company reserves the right at any time and for any reason to exclude the right of access of visitors to public areas without notice. In case of blocking access to a common area, visitors are not entitled to a refund or compensation.

8. Civil Liability of the Company

The company is only liable for any damage that may be caused to the visitors intentionally, by gross negligence or breach of duty. Unless otherwise provided in these terms and conditions, any further compensation rights are excluded. Visitors are required to make every effort to minimize any potential damage to them. Visitors are also required to inform the Company in a timely manner of the possibility of damage within the company.